May 17, 2023

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore signed gun-control measures into law on Tuesday, and the National Rifle Association quickly filed a federal lawsuit against the state.

The NRA claims the “unconstitutional bill was signed making carry illegal in so much of the state that a law-abiding individual cannot effectively carry for self-defense.”

Adam Ruther, a legal expert, said that this lawsuit is about whether or not Maryland’s new gun laws cross the line and place unconstitutional restrictions on a constitutionally protected right.

“If you accept the idea that you don’t need to state reasons in order to exercise a constitutional right, then the other questions immediately come,” Ruther said. “What restrictions can be placed on that constitutional right?”

In a statement to WJZ, Gov. Moore’s press secretary said, in part, “the NRA thinks more guns on the street is the solution when that is actually the problem. Everyone understands these common-sense bills will protect Marylanders and protect the rights of legal gun owners.”

“The question of whether it’s appropriate for the state to say you can have your right to carry a concealed firearm, but you’re not allowed to do it in so many places that the right essentially doesn’t exist, that’s a question that the federal court is going to have to deal with,” Ruther said.

Maryland’s new gun laws are set to take effect on October 1 unless the federal court decides that part, or all, of the gun laws being challenged, are unconstitutional.

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